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Is This a Railroad Photograph?

This image, The Passage Home, was awarded the top prize in The Center for Fine Art Photography’s juried competition entitled “Night”.  Being one of my current favorite images, I have entered it into 5 other photographic competitions and it has been honored in 4 out of the 5. I’ll get to the exception later.

For me, entering my images in various photographic competitions is a way of getting feedback on where I stand with my vision. I don’t put all my faith in competitions as they’re juried by people, each with their own particular biases, but being recognized still helps reinforce what I’m doing.

In an earlier post, I mentioned how the Center for Railroad Photography and Art (CRPA) themed competition of “Creative Images” railroad photography caused me to look at other photographic genres for not only inspiration, but to learn what is considered a creative and good image. My goal has been to compare my work against the best of all photography, not just railroad photography. For me, this is a way to be challenged and grow as an artist.

Borrowed Time on the Moffat Road

While the purpose of my trip out west to Winter Park was to ski with some close friends, I always pack my camera “just in case”. So, after two beautiful, sun filled days skiing, this particular morning was overcast with a forecast for snow and blowing winds. I didn’t feel particularly motivated to head to the mountain to ski this day, but the possibility of shooting trains in the mountains was a different matter!

It didn’t take much arm-twisting to get Bryan Bechtold to set out from Winter Park with me on a very loose plan of following the Moffat Road to Kremmling and then head northwest to Phippsburg, the operational hub for the former Craig Branch of the DRG&W. While the Moffat Road itself has tremendous scenery and plenty of photographic opportunities, we both figured that the branch is living on borrowed time and we should use the opportunity to explore the line and hopefully catch a train on it.