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Railpicts and Creativity bills itself as the “best railroad photos on the net” and arguably is if you are looking for a single go-to source for railroad photography. It is a juried site, meaning that an image has to be accepted by one of their “screeners” before it is publically available for viewing on their site. The site has attracted a great deal of attention within the railfan and railroad photography community and thus has a sizable group of both supporters and detractors.

I have posted many images on their site over the years and still look at the site, but on an increasingly less frequent basis. I used to go there to look for creative photography, but now go primarily to size up the railroad industry that I’m so passionate about. Looking through the images, one gets to see what’s happening in terms of equipment, operations, and the physical environment.

It’s been a long while since I posted there and friends and acquaintances have asked why. I wasn’t really sure how to answer the question as I hadn’t made a conscious decision not to post there. It just gradually happened that I lost interest for several reasons, all related to content on the site.