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Overcoming the Elements at Orbisonia

The forecast was for heavy rain as I left my home bound for Altoona that Saturday. I had a free weekend and was going to make the best of it in spite of the weather. My plan was to be in Altoona by late afternoon as the easterly storm was clearing and hopefully catch some nice light for an ongoing photo project. With an early start on my drive, I planned to swing by the East Broad Top shops in Orbisonia along the way and see if there was anything interesting that could coax me to photograph in the rain.

Driving through central Pennsylvania, I noted that the Autumn colors were just starting to turn and that the heavy rain and clouds were producing some nice atmospheric conditions, but the rain was so heavy that I wasn’t moved to stop as I drove through the beautiful rural landscape. Arriving in Orbisonia before noon, I turned left at the only stoplight in town towards the EBT shop complex, excited to be at my initial destination.