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Beyond the Choir

In my quest to evolve as a photographer, the past six weeks have brought some affirmation that my vision is making connections to people.

First, images that I entered into the International Photography Awards (IPA) annual competition received honorable mentions in three categories. This competition is one of the worlds largest and among its most highly regarded in the general photography world. I entered seven images in various categories (one has to choose) and was delighted to receive the recognition.

Nearing the summit of the Allegheny Mountains, a set of “helper” locomotives arrive to assist a train heading down the long steep grade into Altoona, Pennsylvania. When attached to the rear of the downhill train, they will add braking to fight gravity’s pull and allow for a controlled descent.

Icy Passage received an Honorable Mention in two categories; Fine Art Landscape and Seasonal

The basic elements of the economy of Wilbur, Washington.

Pillars of Wilbur received an award in the Architecture category