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I’m a Designer, Creative director, Photographer, and a Father. Each of these titles has a relationship to the other that effects my evolving vision as well as how I divide my time. My formal training is in industrial design, I make my living as a creative director, my passion is fine art photography, and my kids have shown me how to open my heart.

While each of these roles consume most of time and creativity, this blog will be about my photographic vision and growth and evolution as an artist.

After a long absence from photography, I picked up a new digital SLR about 7 years ago and started taking pictures again. Over time, I evolved to make pictures with intent and hopefully with meaning. Making a meaningful image is a great creative challenge and striving to get it is helps push me further as an artist.

Railroads are my prime subject matter, but landscape, architecture and abstractions also get me excited. My childhood love of trains became my first subject matter and the impetus to buy my first camera, a basic Kodak Instamatic. A few years later, my father saw my passion for photography and loaned me his Kodak Retina IIIS rangefinder which took my budding photography skills to the next level. When I got to high school, a photography teacher mentored me for two years and introduced me to photography as a profession. With his guidance, my subject matter broadened beyond trains as my eyes opened to seeing the world.

Just as photography was starting to crystalize with me as a collage and career path, my parents didn’t see the potential and pushed me away from it. With a loss of direction, I looked to my other interests and soon discovered Industrial Design which turned out to be a good choice, both from a passion and career perspective. Photography was still a part of my basic design skills, but for documentation, and not expression.

Design has been my creative outlet for the past 25 years. I’ve enjoyed the ride and still do, but subconsciously I must have needed a new creative challenge. Picking up a digital camera a few years ago rekindled the love I had for photography and with the hindsight of my other creative journey, I saw the exciting possibilities for a long and challenging journey to attempt to master another creative path.


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